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Can you Guesse?Try to Quick Your Mind!!!

1.Why is the letter E so important? 2.A police officer has a brother,but the brother does not have a brother. How could that be? 3.Why are the letter G and letter S in "gloves" close to each other?  4.It has five letters.It has six left if you take two letters away.What is it? 5.What animal can jump as high as a tree?
o(∩_∩)o do you know the answer?come on ,have a try!

Aug 1, 2008 2:24 AM
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2.the brother  is meaming   his  a  good firend
August 7, 2008
3.Because G love S(g-love-s)
August 7, 2008
don't say so ,it just a game!
August 5, 2008
oh! my god...
 i don't know .....there is not  an answer which i know......... i am really silly....

August 4, 2008
Why did the person throw a clock out the window?
here is my riddle,let's try it
August 1, 2008
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