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What if we find another planet where humans can live? Would you want to go there?
Aug 2, 2008 2:52 PM
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hi my friend harregare long time no see
so about ur question
there is no another planet and it will not be so dont bother ur self
March 17, 2009

so u r thinking to mess another plant..
if there is really a option to move on another planet let me go first and set my own Maryam empire there

January 21, 2009
nothing will change no matter ppl move there or not. even the planet has perfect condition for human. since human start civilizition,a great number of knowledge has been accumulated and our planet has been changed but the nature or morality  of human has change nothing. so even though we move to another planet we will extort  the nature again and it is just retrace the history of earth if there is another planet i wont is not the way to make a difference
January 10, 2009
 & maybe after 25 years (If I still alive) I'll take my children to pass the summer's vacation there.. That time, I'll be enougn muture & maybe thinking about retiring.. So I'll have enough time to learn the aliens' language or whatever..

January 9, 2009
 Would you want to go there? Well.. I, honestly, think that it'll cost me a lot of money to go there. So I prefer to stay here in my mother earth .. But I'll try to communicate with aliens if they exist using the internet (in this case it must have another name)!

January 9, 2009
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