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Humanilism or racism ?
It’s a good chance for me to write in a subject as this one. I want to thank my crazy friend who start this topic, and I believe that God create us from same mother and father. The human being through this long and short life made his own roles and his own ideas, some of it were true and the others were wrong, some people tried to get the lead and control the world, a lot of wars and a lot of mistakes have been done. The people in this small world are suffering for long time and they are still suffering because of their color or religion!! All of us forgot that we are living at the same planet, breathing the same air, and shearing the same fate. In Our Holy Quran God tells us that “All human being are equal regardless of colors or races”, no slave races and master races, a lot of people died in vain, live in misery, and be in fright, maybe the reason of this suffering just because of the skin color, or as in my country Palestine just because we are Palestinians have no rights, no life, no sense of trust, and no place reliance! It’s a long story to tell but we have to think again and again, we will not achieve any thing from the suffering of the people or mobbing them but we can achieve many things by loving and helping each other to have better life.
Aug 3, 2008 8:00 PM
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True, we should not make a fuzz about history anymore. Let everyone live where he lives right now. Let Israel exist as a country and let the Palestines have their own country as well.

I'm sure God will be happier if we just live in peace than when we try to convert other people to different religions and cause suffering in the process.
August 3, 2008
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