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can someone loves two person in the same time for me, it is impossible cause we have one heart.
Aug 4, 2008 8:22 PM
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i think we can love many persons at the same time; but i don't think that we can love them by the same ratio.
when it's about others' feelings; plz remember ur values and the importance of decision making .
"your happyness is not worthy others' pain"
August 5, 2008
love two persons isn't wise manner, but people have ability of love and be love, love espically between man and woman can't be explained very clear, the love of more than two person will hurt all whose fall in love, finally, there are someone should be leave, i think you should be to love with loyally, don't to hurt your partner if you really love  
August 5, 2008
Of course, but you can love only one as your partner. The other love is just deep care and perhaps admiration. Your parents are the first people you love, along with brothers and sisters. The same goes for friends and just one person can be the one you love as a partner. If you think that you love two people then you're fooling yourself because deep inside you know that you love one of them. Sometimes people try to cover this because they're already married or because the other person is already married.
August 5, 2008
In my opinion,this can happen sometimes while we find ourselves standing in front two persons who we feel  we love.However,someday we can distinguish between them and know who we really love.Just then we'll find out who is really the king of our heart. There is just one person enters the heart and stays in it. There is no place for two.
August 4, 2008
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