Lesson 3, in your house-a few words This is just a few words of the things you can find inside your home. 

If you remember I said that most words ending on A, would get LA in front, and O would get EL, you see this again under here.

La alfombra- carpet
La mesa- table
El espejo- mirror
El váter- toilet
La cama-bed
La mesilla- nighttable  ( pronounced as Mallorca)
La silla- chair    (pronounced as Mallorca)
La lavadora- washing mashin

4 أغسطس 2008 20:26
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No, baño is bathroom. Toilet is váter.. :)
18 فبراير 2009
that is really useful. but, so far as i know toilet is bano, is it bano is the formal form or something?
6 نوفمبر 2008
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