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Ismahane DZ
is there any one try to give me answers? i want to know every thing about islam
Aug 4, 2008 11:25 PM
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thank you
August 10, 2008
the islam is the religion of love peace all you have to do to be a muslim is to believe that there is only one God and that Mohamed (sala ellaho 3alayhi wa salem) IS THE PROPHET and to be helpful . you have also to love every body even the non muslim people because we have all the same rights to survive and to live in a good health and peace you can learne more about islam i can not explain you more because i speak arab and french better
August 8, 2008

may God help us to learn more about Islam 
dear friend  
can you visit the following site:

thank you

August 6, 2008
islam is the religion of peace
the religion which give all people thier freedom and equality
and the religion of justic
August 6, 2008
Al salam alykom wa rahmatou allah wa baraqatouhou ,
First , i appreciate you will to know the right islam . well, we are humains and we cannot know everything , so there is FIQH AL AWLAWIYATE , it means begin with the most important, and the more you understand you can go deeper for details .
you have to be sure that your source of information is guenuine .
August 5, 2008
Ismahane DZ
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