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ISLAM & SCIENCE ,Scientists Declaration .
Aug 5, 2008 10:38 AM
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the species and people who followed wer very few and 
those people wer saved by allah by odering nooh alaihu salam (may peace be upon him )
to  go and make a big ship and make that 3 story ship so that animals ,humans,and all other species who obeyed allah would be saved from floods


November 24, 2008
Thanks for sharing!
November 14, 2008
christians can't explain how millions of species of insect survived noah's flood!

do muslims know the answer?
October 17, 2008
thank for sharing
October 17, 2008
 assalam alaikom;   jai plaisir de vous connaissé  soutout qund on a  muslimins , je vous donne un cadeau :   , merci  é  qrand salut  à tous..........
October 16, 2008
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