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DESTINY OR COINCIDENCE? We live in a strange world where strange things happen...
Everybody Knows stories about coincidences and chance, lives who intersect, etc.   Personally, I'm too much sceptical to believe that things are destined (or predestined) to happen, no matter how incredible it seemed. 
Anyway, Who knows?, What do you think?, Does fate or coincidence?
Aug 5, 2008 8:15 PM
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You are really confused Dude , You want to receive your mark while the exams ? No sense !
If you wanna justice , God sent prophets , reveiled books , but what people did ? neglected and disobeiyed ,
, that's why there is all this injustice and disorder .
what want you ? he comes by himself ? nop dude , God isn't a humain to do such things , he is almighty .
Imagine every one on this earth acts like you , i bet you that We begin to kill eath other because of a little stuff , u didn't accepte the fact that people believe , and u started to say bad things o their beliefs.
There is a huge difference between criticism and sarcasm ,and here we must talk about ethical behaviour .
August 7, 2008
I don't believe in a God, therefore I want justice on earth. It's dumb to wait till you're dead because there may never be justice.

Oh, and even when there's justice after death I still want a debate with God about his methods, because they're unethical. In fact, Hitler was less random in his menace than God (if he exists).
August 7, 2008
If the god you believe in is not able to judge all those people, so he is not a real god !
The real God gave to everyone a delay to repair what he did , but if the time is
elapsed , this people will assume all their acts .
August 7, 2008
Dude , i told this life is exam , and no one will act on his reality since he is not tested .
The world knew worse than
Pinochet ,
there was BEKHTENSSER( who killed jews since thousand years) , Ramseis 2 , .... , Hitler , .... too many dictators . God gave them power but they misused it , So they will pay for all their acts as much as their power . As for all the ppl who suffered or lived hard moments , they will be rewarded for their patience , and resistence .
This life is for exam not judgement , the judgement is afterward .
God didn't created us to amuse , he created us to be tested , And without test , no one on this earth will get what he deserves !

August 7, 2008
I didn't want to say what u tought !
August 7, 2008
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