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Common Abbrivations and symbols Hi, everybody. I want to take notes in English quickly. And I want my note can be understand by me as well as by other people. I hope we can share common abbreviations and symbols we know.
Let me begin.
# : number, x : time, btw: between, ex: example, mgt: management, opp: oposite, pd: paid, rev: revolution, rt: right, sgd: signed, acc: account, c: cent(s), century, cert: certificate, certified ...
Aug 6, 2008 4:04 AM
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bcause / coz = because
ttfn = tar tar for now
4eva = forever

different people use different abbirvations.  Normaly with english words, just take out the vowels; a e i o u.
And normaly that makes sense. Ill use your sentance;; (and write it how i would write it, fast or on msn)

Whn I hear lng wrds lke approxmtly, i wnt 2 wrte thm as fst as I CAN. Any suggestin 2 abbrviate wrds lke tht?

As you can see, abbirvating like that can be pretty annnoying, the word in the capital letter is correct not could! 

Take care x

August 9, 2008

And some words like about, although, because... Is their abbreviations for them?

August 9, 2008
When I hear such  long words like approximately, I want to write them as fast as I could. Any suggestion to abbreviate the words like that?
August 9, 2008
ta-ta= by
B.C=before christ
A.D=anno domini
ETC=et cetera
August 8, 2008
B4 Before
BBL Be Back Later
BBS Be Back Soon
BFN Bye For Now
BR Best Regards
CU See You - also posted as cya
DIS Did I Say
August 8, 2008
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