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Hi all Hi all, My name is Julien. I'm a french guy fo 29yo. My english is not very good so please excuse me for mistake i make. I'm here to learn hindi so i hope you will help me to succeed. Thank you very much, Julien.
May 11, 2008 8:38 AM
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I am willing to help you. If you have any questions plz do ask.
I'll try my best to answer all of them!
July 26, 2008
How are you.
I am willing to help u in improving Hindi skills. I can give u Conversation practice too.
Pl note that I have been teaching Online professionally since last 3 years. We use this site as well as Skype and Yahoo messenger for Text and voice chat. Webcam is optional.  
Pl confirm your further interest. Also inform the best time to chat.
Thanks, take care,
July 12, 2008
bonjour julien,
comment allez vous?je veux aider-vous en l'hindi et l'anglaise.excusez moi pour je ne pagle pas tres bien- la langue francaise . je m'appelle rozia et vous.
mais je ne eneigne pas vous en francaise. Je suis un nouveau apprenant de français merci beaucoup.

Hello Julien,
How are you? I want to help you in hindi and English. forgive me becausei dont speak la langue francaise. I'm rozia and you?
but I cant teach you in french .i am a new learner of french thanks a lot .

June 28, 2008
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