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DEATH PENALTY, DOES FOR OR AGAINST? All counties, at some point in their history, have contemplated to the death penalty as maximun punishment. Today, many countries continue to look at it -and bear no relation to this if the country is more or less developed, if the gobernment is from the right or left winger, etc-
I don't think that is a solution to punish someone who has killed, killing; because this not only is a contradiction, it is also a great hipocrisy.   If a killing is done by an individual, or what makes a government (whit its sponsorship and protocol, of course...), it's really just the same revolting action.
But on this topic, as in all topics, there are also differents points of view. What is yours?

Aug 6, 2008 11:12 PM
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Differs from country to country. Some countries even have longer sentences than a life sentence. In some countries they're really strict about certain things. For example, killing someone in cold blood is a life sentence. When someone kills 10 people, he will have to serve 10 life sentences. They add up different sentences as well and you can't serve them simultaneously. So, for example, driving through red and then killing someone means 10 years in some countries. So, when someone kills 20 people when he drives through red he will get a 200 year sentence. (Not like he's actually going to live that long, but anyway... )
August 14, 2008

yeah i agree... it's probably a lot more torturous both for the innocent person and his loved ones if he has to be imprisoned for life. the kind of life he would lead in the prison would probably drive him crazy, if not suicidal. 

does anyone have any idea why is it that life imprisonment always has a maximum number of years? why isn't life imprisonment really what its name suggests? do they just assume people's life would end within that 20-30 years?

August 14, 2008
I think it's even worse, because he has to endure a life filled with the torture of being innocent and still being locked up.
August 13, 2008
Again, by pointing at "mistakes" you're missing the point, João. Do you think it's okay for someone to be in jail for his entire life for a crime he didn't commit? One might even argue that that is even worse for an innocent person because he will have years to think about how he wasn't guilty.

However, I do agree that when someone is sentenced to death there has to be enough evidence to close the case with 100% certainty.
August 13, 2008
By the way , I've a question : In your opinion , what's the best way to end up the life of a guy who is charged by a crime who deserves death penalty for it  ? 
I'm gonna tell you a joke in the same context : 
" a guy was wating in the death chair room for his end , then the guard came to him and asked : what do you prefer ? electricity  , fire , or Gaz ? the guy looked up and he saw a big hole above , he laughed silently and said : GAZ  ! the guard said : Ok ! you got what u want , and leaved the room ;The room is closed and people lookin' trough the glass , the guy is happy to fool them , And ooooP  ! a big tank of town gaz fell on his head
.He is dead 
August 13, 2008
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