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black knight
click here to practice the E language to gethor. hi for every one here and there i am so pleased to join  this group and talk to you .
i really want to practice E lang with you and learn other languages .
Aug 8, 2008 1:58 PM
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let's  practice english together..

nice to meet u all here
August 21, 2008
hello!!! how are u? Someone who wants to speak with me... I need improve my English!! thanks.. Have a nice day :O)
August 12, 2008
-practise what you have learned and keep on revising because the fast we learn the faster we forget .
-Emerge your self in an english speaking atmosphere  watch English speaking channels , shows , news ,... to be familiar with the spoken english ....etc.
well , there are too many methods to learn languages , and it's up to everyone to use the methods that he feel comfortable with , ....................................................Finaly, i wish to u all good luck .  
August 12, 2008
HI there , Here is some simple tips to practise your english :
-First thing is the Strong will .
- Try to post in the groups , and do comments and full answers , don't use the types of short answers like ( Hi , thanks , i want to learn english ,...)  , try assays and we will correct them .
-Find languistic partner and do discussions on serious topics , to ameliorate your linguistic skills and to know more about other cultures .
-Try to learn by your own  grammar ,vocabulary , ...etc . and also there are too many books on the resources sessions in this website  .
August 12, 2008
hi, me too i don't know how to use it? i want to practice my english but how can i do it?
August 10, 2008
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black knight
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