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Sentence Structure Can someone teach me the Korean sentence structure, different kinds of sentences, and other words so I can be able to make my own simple sentences?
Aug 10, 2008 12:41 PM
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Can you translate some english words to korean please..?
September 29, 2008
guys..?hmm. i was just thinking.. what does the korean word pabo means?
September 29, 2008
Ahh, okay. Thank you so much for expanding your explainations, it was pretty difficult for me at first. But thank you both, I understand now, that the topic markers do have a slight difference, but not o much, and so I undertsand that it all depends on the situation when to use these different words. Thanks Hailey for the different examples, and imsogood for explaining what the words actualy emphasize. Also, the last 2 explainations from you, Hailey, really helped :D.. thanks for breaking it down into an actual conversation and giving an easy-to-understand explaination of the sentences. I get it now, how using the words depend on the situation and what seems to be naturally/fluently said..........yay!
August 16, 2008
나는 안 그랬어 emphasises on the action.

내가 안 그랬어 =  I didn't do it ⇒ It's wasn't anyone else but me who didn't do.
나는 안 그랬어 = I didn't do it ⇒ It carries out the action of not doing rather than not doing something else.

August 15, 2008

You're right, imsogood. I'm going to try to clarify it a bit more. Uh, well… My brain is still loading now. 

가 / 이 are same as 는 / 은 in use but there is a fundamental difference. 가 / 이 particle puts more emphasis on the subject. Let's see one conversation.  

철수 Chul-soo : 엄마, 형이 그릇 하나 깨먹었어!  Mum, my older brother broke a plate!
철호 Chul-ho : 내가 안 그랬어! 철수가 그랬어!  No, I didn't! Cheol-su did it!
엄마 Mom : 철수, 네가 그랬지, 아니니?  Cheol-su, you did it, didn't you?
철수 Chul-soo : 나는 안 그랬어. I didn't do it. 

August 15, 2008
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