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please keep your complaint on here
Please put your complaints on this section, then forgive it and go on live with nice smile.
The complaint about everything( work, family, life or others)
Aug 12, 2008 1:12 AM
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if u want all the reality..we do..we send information without waiting an answer...and we give also "from our time,our love,our happiness ...etc" without waiting even someone to say thx for us...try to figure out without us how it will be ur life???
August 15, 2008
in fact i donot like those people who complain all the time and complain of anything , but sometimes one feels that he is sressed and need to talk to someone or cry , he wonot find the solution when he complains or cries but he will feel much better , always remeber that a real friend cannot be affected when you complain about anything , but he will try to help you , and also remeber that complaining all the times makes other get bored with you .
August 15, 2008
"your special way to speak" is called In networks : UDP  (User Datagram Protocol)  it means to send information without waiting for the answer from the other side it's too fast.  I guess that a woman has created it 

And it's called also deafs dialogue or women diallogue , But the Worst is :

August 14, 2008
thats really true ..i have a close frd ..we have a special way to speak "to complain" to each other..let me give u an example:
Nada:hey Rima..i have a pb with my exam i cant study these days i dont know what i can do
Rima:hey Nada....i swear to god that i'll kill she can took my mobile without asking me
Nada:i have no time..i have to start preparing
Rima:its my fault cos i let her alone in my room.
u can see that we do the same what u talked about...but u know what...i feel so good when i speak to her...
August 14, 2008
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August 14, 2008
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