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LİKE AND AS A)Like=''similar to'', ''the same as''.We can use in that way:
_what a beautiful house.İt is like a palace.(not as a palace)

--she is a teacher like me(not as me)

         in these sentences,like is a it is followed by noun,a pronoun or ing-(like walking)

NOTE=You can also something

--what is that noise.It sounds like a baby crying.

B)We use as before subject+verb;

--ı didnt move anything.I left everything as it was

---you should have doone it as ı showed you

        But  Like is possible in informal spoken english
---I left evertything like it was

C)Note that we say as usual/as always

--You are sad as always

1)I have been learning english,bıy I am still ____a beginner  
   a)as       b)like

2)Everything happend -----------I expected

   a)as       b)like

3)I hope ı can speak french ---------you 
  a)as       b)like

4)We heard a noise---------------- a baby crying

  a)as      b)like

Aug 12, 2008 5:27 PM
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