what is your aim in life.......

you have to tell
:) what is your aim in life?
 :)why is that so?
:)and what will you do if you fail to achieve your aim?

Aug 12, 2008 8:58 PM
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my aim on my life really to help anyone need help and to be in progress and to be good at my life no one hate me +to be translator on english as english=mylife               why??// may be that i become very sad when i ask for help and no one do that so i suggest that i will help people         second i really be sad if i feel that there one hate me          oh my god if it not achieve i wonnot forgive my self  that about help or no one hate
and about english may be i wercked and i will life without  aim all my life as all my wishes didnot achieve and this last my aim so may be i will die   and never forget this world  thanks for your tobic my friend
August 14, 2008
my aim in life is to become a designer
because i want to expressing my world via sketch my digit
August 14, 2008

i would like to be  a teacher in this moment....

August 13, 2008
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