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[Politics] Palestina/Israel

What the fuck!
Aug 12, 2008 10:28 PM
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You still haven't answered my question, which means I'll just assume that you think it's great for little kids to talk about blowing themselves up. I guess I'm finally getting to the bottom of the problem now. You are just in favor of a big muslim state, no matter the costs. You are willing to sacrifice thousands of childs, for something stupid. Very sad, itlktiv.
August 13, 2008
I won't add more it's enough TO A UNI CELLULAR-BRAIN GUY to know 
August 13, 2008
-That Israel stands in defiance of 69 United Nations Security Council Resolutions?
-That today's Israel sits on the former sites of more than 400 now-vanished Palestinian villages, and that the Israeli's re-named almost every physical site in the country to cover up the traces?
-That it was not until 1988 that Israelis were barred from running (Jews Only) job ads?
-That the Israeli Foreign Ministry pays two American public relations firms to promote Israel to Americans?
-That Sharon's coalition government includes a party Molodet: which advocates expelling all Palestinians from the occupied territories?
-That Palestinian refugees make up the largest portion of the refugee population in the world?
-That non-Jewish Israelis cannot buy or lease land in Israel?
so GUESSS who is guilty !!  

p.s : these datas are proved and can be found everywhere !
August 13, 2008
-That Israel refuses to prosecute its soldiers who have acknowledged executing prisoners of war?
-That Israel blew up an American diplomatic facility in Egypt and attacked a U.S. ship in international waters, killing 33 and wounding 177 American sailors for causing a bedlam ?
-That the second most powerful lobby in the United States,according to a recent Fortune magazine survey of Washington insiders, is the Israeli AIPAC?
August 13, 2008
That non-Jewish Israelis cannot buy or lease land in Israel?
-That in Hebron, 85% of the water is given to about 400 settlers,while 15%must be divided among Hebron's 120,000 Palestinians?
-That Palestinian license plates in Israel are color coded to distinguish Jews from non-Jews?
-That the United States awards Israel $5 billion in aid each year?
-That Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons?
-That yearly US aid to Israel exceeds the aid the US grants to the whole African continent?
-That Israel is the only country in the Middle East that refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and bars international inspections from its sites?
-That Israel has for decades routinely sent assassins in to other countries to kill its political enemies?
August 13, 2008
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