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annyeong- haseyo to all hi i"m new here and i really wanna learn korean language
Aug 13, 2008 12:37 PM
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actually i did learn a lot of words and phrases and a little bit of hangul
but know i'm putting in hold because i'm going back to university
and i watch a lot of korean drama and i watch two korean channel
Ariraing Tv and KBS world these two channel really make you wanna to go and live there in korea .so i recommand you to watch it and your gonna know a lot about korean their tradistion their style of life everything you wanna konw about korea
take care ^_^
September 17, 2008
the way i learn is by studying the basic word first, then, try to build simple phrase or maybe you can try to watch any korean drama or helps a bit to know thier basic speech....
September 17, 2008
yes i agree
u must first learn by yourself hangul
and memorized some words
and let's go
me too i learn korean sister
we can help
ask your questions her 
all help u sur
a korean peoples are very kind
September 15, 2008
hello.. i want to learn too..but not right at the moment...but i have put some words into practice and into my memory bank and i''m adding some more...a friend of mine said it's good to learn the nouns first...learning objects can enhance the learning process...xD...
August 31, 2008
yes me too i learn korean
we can exchange languages
August 25, 2008
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