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Boiled Egg
anybody here really believes we can improve our English just by msn? how?
Aug 13, 2008 6:09 PM
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Yes I think so, because we are exchanging knowledge even by writting, reading, listening and speaking; also a great way is using the mic to communicate and gain information that way. In case you want to practice, let me know your email and I`ll meet you there;)
October 20, 2010
I think it is good to improve our English level. My MSN number is:
October 20, 2010
I think it's a good way to improve your fluency but what if you are using a wrong language ( idioms, grammar errors  etc.) if nobody corrects you will go on to do the same mistake and it will became more difficult to correct these mistakes. Because of this it' s not enough to chat with a regular friend.

PS: I'm not a teacher.
September 21, 2010
yes and  i had always thought practise make perfect
my msn number is
September 19, 2010
Depends. On what you do by msn.

Well said, PB.

Here's a room, it could be a classroom, it could be a bedroom.

Here's a pen, it could be used to write, it could be used to kill. 
September 19, 2010
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