Simple introduction of 墨家、道家、儒家

According to the difference between teaching, Chinese philosophy could be divided to the 墨家、道家、儒家and so on.And i must announce that this is just my understand about them and i am not a philosopher, even not good at philosophy. This is just my knowledge about it and i would like to share. 道家, which teaching essence is freedom. People should not be binded up by money, power and substance and pursue freedom in body and spirit, freedom in spirit is most important. Compared with seeking for freedom of 道家,the esseces of 儒家is 仁义礼智信between people, which meaning is kindness,support, politeness,wisdom and honesty. It believes that if people obey to the teachings, the society will be good. The essence of 墨家is 兼爱、非攻.The 兼爱 is 兼相爱交相利 meaning if we love others, we will do benefit to others, and the sameness is that benefit others could bring love from others. And 非攻means people should not destroy others interest in life and substances, and also should take action to avoid conflits. Compared to attach importance of controling ourslves to abide the rules among each other, 墨家 exceed the relationship between people and emphasize love all people, and the love could bring goodness and non-conflict. To me, i believe in 墨家. If everyong could love others the same as ourself, how many conflicts we could avoid, and war will never happen too. The second i believe in is 道家.Without the bind of substances and others' opinion, just looking for freedom in my heart, this really makes me peaceful and quiet in my mind. The next is 儒家. The reason i don't like it as 墨家and 道家 isn't for it is bad, actuallly it is good. Just because too much rules and regulation it stress makes me feel unfree a little.
This is just i understand superficially about Chinese philosophy. And i would like to share it with you.

Jan 17, 2012 6:33 AM
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