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Which is your favorite Arabic movie?

Which is your favorite Arabic movie?

Jan 17, 2012 6:37 AM
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I think Abo ali (ابو علي)is a great movi, I love krieem abdoal aziez so much and the storry is so funny and so excited.

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thanks Gagan for the nice topic



January 20, 2012
I did see Children of Heaven, it's beautiful, indian version is Bum bum bole (yeah like the taare zameen par song precisely) so I guess that's the first Arabic movie I saw, Bacheha-ye asseman
January 20, 2012


January 19, 2012
Thanks! Finally, you understood! :)))
January 18, 2012

I answered that but may be U mean what special ways I try to Learn English...

I don't think I make any special efforts to learn it coz I feel I already no enough to understand others and make other's understand me. I don't say it's perfect but I do feel it's sufficient.

But Language learning is a never ending process so I keep on enriching my vocabulary by reading books newspapers etc.

I think the most fun way is to watch english movies.


January 18, 2012
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