Spring Festival in China

Spring festival, the most important holiday in China is coming! Spring festival is the beginning of a new year calculated by Chinese traditional calendar and also indicates that winter is leaving and spring is comming. To chinese, this is a reunion holiday. Not only how far we are from home, we are all eager to go home to be together with families. We will be happy as much as we likes, and put down all the burdens as much as possible. Happy, laughing, and propitous words are aroud us. And as you know, most of Chinese people don't have religion faith, but we revere ancestors. In daily life, most of our culture relates with ancestors. Therefore, In this big holiday, many ceremonies are held to show respect for ancesotors. Although in morden China, such ceremony are less than before, but the spirit of the holiday are still eternal, that is renion with families and ancestors.

Jan 17, 2012 7:04 AM
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