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What is the thing you want to have most?

If you were given a chance to have the thing you value most, then what is it?

Jan 17, 2012 7:20 AM
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Strange. Topics like this usually woulda got a hell of a lota feedbacks.

Honesty hurts... My answer's gonna be pretty forward. You know. You aleady know, right? 

Assuming you do, then I'll spend 1/6 of it on those hot sheilas that I'd crush on, amap, asap. Then I'll start my filmmaking projects. And I'm gonna buy Chris Nolan off as well as that Batman tank and his suits. Invest on Chris' next projects and steal his skills to be a real master of narrative art.

That's what I got on mind just now. Others can wait. Films is the priorities. I mean the girl stuff comes along with your career, naturally.

January 25, 2012