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Are you a language teacher? The ways technology has changed the way we teach are uncountable. The possibilities are endless. Ten years ago, I have never thought that so much would be at our disposition as teachers and as learners. But with all the changes taking place, we barely have  time to look back at those old days when all you have is a blackboard and a few resources that , God knows how, you managed to find. Nowadays , PCs, the internet, datashows, laptops are only some of the many high-tech resources that you can use to help your teaching. Italk is here, like many other sites, to help learners of new languages. We, as teachers, can take advantage of such great places to help and carefully guide our students and students from all over the world to learn better with less effort. While here, i met a few learners struggling to learn either by looking for a partner or asking questions. All is good! All is great. But, how can we, as language teachers, provide guidance, share ideas and colloborate to make these students enjoy their stay while at the same time save effort and time..

I am actually working on creating a website for learners of English where I would post podcasts and videos, photocopiable material, quizzes, etc.. I would be glad to see others join to share the effort. How? by exchanging ideas, uploading lessons or videos, etc.. I would be also very happy to share my own experience and provide help if any colleagues might like the idea and want to have their own blogs or sites for teaching other languages..
I am waiting for you comments and ideas..While doing that, i am actually busy creating my blog.. it is so much fun! I hope it would be ready by the end of this month or the next one..By ready, I mean posting my first lesson(s) on my weblog..
btw: I have also a blog for EFL  teachers. You may want to have a look there:) I would love to see ur comments there :)
See you soon!

Aug 13, 2008 6:50 PM
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Hi Thai,
Thanks sooo much for the lovely and "elegant" visit. It is always nice to see u around!
I do agree with what u said: being a teacher is wonderful because one never stops learning. In fact, I do learn more with my students than i do/did from books as I deal with their happiness, sense of fulfillment, satisafction, fears, frustrations, etc.. I learn as I try to deal with these things and i feel so happy when we together find similarities and feel comfortable learning from each other. It is, in fact, about sharing!
See you soon :)
October 12, 2008
It's very difficult to see people young people willing to become a teacher! It's an awesome job:

I am someone who loves to study, but last year I understood that I was just receiving information from outside and I could realize that it was fully trown away, because I wasn't sharing my knowledge with someone else.

Being a teacher is to have many friends (your students, your co-workers, ...), to understand even more about the language you teach, and to learn -always-, because a teacher is always a student.

Great group Tarak, see you here or in cucumis.
September 1, 2008
Let me first congratulate you on choosing this wonderful occupation! Maybe sometimes you will feel tired or exhausted, have no time for yourself or your family but nothing equals the unique feeling of seeing your students make it, succeed and become better persons because you have been there and you made a difference in their lives!
(I continued this in the new topic "tips for new language teachers”)
August 17, 2008
Hi Tej! Hi Suzan! It is a pleasure to see you both here. Some years ago, I was a novice teacher. I owe some of my devotion and love for this wonderful profession to people who were/still are kind enough to provide me with the necessary guidance and their generous, unfailing help. Today, I am so happy I can do the same and I am sure you will do that a few years from now
August 17, 2008


August 17, 2008
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