Let's play a question game....To know you better

In this game,I will ask a question first and then the person next to me has to answer this question...... FOR EXAMPLE : If I ask " hello,I'm rebecca,what's your favourite color", then the next person will answer "blue or......" ,then he/she will do the same thing to ask the person next to him/her, and so on...

Hope you can understand it......

We shall have fun!!!<img title="Money Mouth" src="" alt="Money Mouth" border="0" />

Here is my question: Hello,I am rebecca,,,,What's your favourite singer? Mr."next to me

Jan 19, 2012 5:25 AM
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@Question: Which English word is difficult to pronounce for you? To me, the word "girl, tsunami, ..." are quite hard to pronounce them rightly.

March 23, 2012

@Answer: Donna Donna is my favorite song. I like its beautiful lyrics, too.

March 23, 2012

no never had a similiar situation but i doubt myself if i flushed the toilet or not and always double check lol <img title="Tongue Out" src="" alt="Tongue Out" border="0" /> 


q. what is your favorite love song ?

March 13, 2012

@Nikki: I have no idea, Nikki. When I listen to music, I pay little attention to their types. <img title="Wink" src="" alt="Wink" border="0" /> Some singers that I adore are Norah Jones, Adele, Sia, Beyonce, The Cranberries, Savage Garden, The Beatles, ... It's a long list.


Question: I always doubted myself that whether I locked the door before leaving when I was a little kid. Sometimes even after I went downstairs, I would force myself to come back to check it by pushing the door or just kicking it. Has the situation ever happened to you? :P

March 13, 2012

@Anna:What is Shiromaru, Anna? I only know Sesshoumaru (from Inuyasha). Haha yes, I’m a huge fan of Ghibli’s anime. o^_^o Until now I almost have seen each of their work such as Castle in the sky, My neighbor Totoro, Grave of the fireflies, Kiki’s delivery service, Whisper of the heart, Princess Mononoke, Spinited away, The cats return, Howl’s moving castle, Ponyo, The secret world of Arrietty and so on. It’s hard to tell which one is my favorite. They’re all classics. Among them, most of the animations are created and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. His theme is always about love, grow-up, peace and environment protection. In my heart, Joe Hisaishi’s music + Miyazaki’s anime = perfect animations ^^

March 13, 2012
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