Tell us your most awkward moment!

I'll tell you one of mine:

A (not so) long time ago, when i was a <em>newbie </em>in my University<em>, </em>a Saturday when I had to do an Physics test at 10 AM. I was in the right room(I thought), and the people around me were so nervous too, everything in that room indicated a test was to be taken.

But, when the teacher gave us the test sheet,I was terrified: It was an organic chemistry test!."HOLY SH...!!!!"(I said it, I promise)...then I ran away from the room(between the laughs and claps from all the room, teacher included), checked again the REAL test room(instead of 101 was 201)...luckily, my test had just begun.

I don't remember what was my grade on that test, but for sure was one of the most awkward moments on my life.

Jan 19, 2012 4:05 PM
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<em>"That awkward moment when you walk into a siper web and suddenly turn into a karate master"</em> :P

January 19, 2012

Well it happened when I was a student. I dropped my cheat sheet on my way out from the examination hall<img title="Tongue Out" src="" alt="Tongue Out" border="0" /><img title="Tongue Out" src="" alt="Tongue Out" border="0" /> 

January 19, 2012
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