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Let's talk about friendship! What's the best expression would u say for a friend?
Aug 14, 2008 5:29 AM
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friendship based on both people have mutual topic ,understanding each other
August 19, 2008
hi bosy...good for u cos u have a good frds nowadays...el hamdoli allah i have a one also...thats why im lucky too..but i think that its really rare..not impossible but so rare to be a good frd or to have a one...
August 17, 2008
hi nada , i know that what i have said seems to be very difficult but it happens , i have a lot of friends and  all of them stand beside me when i have any difficult situatoin  , i cannot live without my friends because they are the onlything that i have choosed by myself.
August 17, 2008
wow. i liked this idiom. In fact i look for different kind of persons, depending of what i feel like doing. But if I need someone who really loves me just like i am and being capable to say the truth even when it doesnt like me, it means that we will share giving and reciving actions. this is friendship. is my english clear enough=?
August 16, 2008
Why not my dear friend? Don't be disoptimist of that!Yeah I believe that there r someones like that.I'de try always to be like that with my frineds dear.I'll never turn my back to them.I'll always do my best to stand by them whenever they need me.I really respect and appreciate friendship so much.I hope all whe I consider my friends r like that too.
August 15, 2008
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