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global warming

what do you think about it and what do you think to stop it

Jan 31, 2012 7:44 AM
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I changed my mind on this issue-- I believe that global warming is a huge issue, and we need to be aware of it. I am not against big corporations, and what I would be for is Environmentally Friendly Capitalism. Since the industrial revolution, global warming seems to be getting more serious than in the 600,000 years prior to it.
September 26, 2012

I think the Global warming is a way to make us feel guiltys
Maybe The most big enterprises are responsible about it.
By me, turn electronic devices off whne I'm not at home. and I use more Public transport.

April 25, 2012

Hot summer ah hot hot summer...it's summer here,maybe more than 35"C outsite(O_o)

uhmnnn...using the alternative energy sources,growing more and more trees,saving the natural energy,...etc to decrease this state^-^

April 25, 2012

Global warming is a myth.

There is no serious scientist in the world who acknowledged it as a scientific fact. There are many aspects involved in this discussion and I will not be able to present them here, so you'd have to do the research on your own. There are hundreds of documents available on the web, so your task is not really difficult.

The sun is going through its 25 years cycle and this is one of the reasons we've been hoaxed.

As a matter of fact they are now seriously talking about Global Cooling :)

Either way there is no scientific confirmation and that is why global warming is not considered by all serious scientists from all the countries around the globe as a scientific fact.

April 24, 2012

<em>As I understand, the Global Warming means the increase of the average temperature on Earth. As the Earth gets hotter, natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and hurricanes become more frequent. The measurements of temperature taken by instruments on land and sea have revealed that during the 20 century the Earth’s surface and lower part of the atmosphere has warmed up by an average of 0.6 Centigrade. The summer which we are experiencing now is one of the hottest and I personally feel that it is the effect of Global Warming only. Thus, the situation is quite alarming and the “Global Warming” - the Deadly Threat for Human Life, is in front of us.</em>

April 24, 2012
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