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Is There True Friendship? I have many friends here and at school (classmates) and I hope I' ll make new firends at university too.
However, I still don't have one close intimate friend.
Is there something called true friendship? What is best friendship?
Aug 14, 2008 10:09 PM
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I like this topic because I have something to tell you.
I have some friends but I just think that they do not care so much for me.
I am really not sure whether they look me as theiy frinds or not.
Whenver I ask them the same question they just say they are too busy to spare me any time.
But I cannot forgive them because I could see them play with others.
Maybe I have gone far away from their mind.

I am so confused.
November 21, 2008
just ...whatever, whenever and wherever....they can make it!
that's all.
September 24, 2008

This is "Thiru Kural" about  true friendship. it was written some 2000 years ago

" Muga naga nattpathu natpanru nenchatthu
   aganaga nattpathu nattpu".

It means just seeing face and talking its not true friendship, but understanding the heart feelings is a true friendship. 

With warm wish

September 4, 2008
true friendship is what you make, and if you this is true, then it is true one
September 3, 2008

Is There True Friendship?        

The True friendship doesn't know what is distance. know that it's able to make everything to win that distance. When there's trouble in the way of a friendship the love has power enough.   

Best regards!

August 25, 2008
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