Please do me a favor~ Please help me looking through my friend's writing.

My friend wanted me to comment on her English translation. The problem is I think there is a little bit weird with her whole writing,
but I am unable to tell what exactly is wrong with it by my English level. I think her writing has a lot of Chinglish.

I have to be responsible to my friend. So I think there are lots of brilliant English speakers. I hope someone could help me evaluate her english level by this writing, or just tell me how you feel after looking through her writing. Thank you!!

Here is her writing:

Since ancient time, human being has not been regarded as supremacy by Chinese nation, which also reflected in fields of philosophy and art that not only are they of equal significance as any other things in the nature and they are definitely not the ruler as well. As a result, the sense of disappointment of Chinese is not as strong as what westerners have since its strength is in accordance with that of ambition.

Besides, people in agricultural society enjoy less wealth than those who living in industrial one, which accounts for their desire less urgent at the same time. What’s more, there has existed the most essential personal philosophy in China until today that people are not supposed to be absorbed in wealth enjoyment, let alone negatively affected by the behavior of this kind.

Feb 4, 2012 2:37 PM
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