WHITE LIES | TOP (WhateverNumber) LIES

Everybody lies.  That's a fact.   But the question is... What are those most used lies?

1# It's not you... it's me.

2# I'm ready in 5 minutes.

3# I've read and accept the terms and conditions.

4# Yes, i'm fine, thanks.

5# I didn't do it!  //  It fell by itself!

6# I didn't see you.. so i didn't greet you...

7# Do whatever you want, i don't mind...

8# I'll call you back // Pay you back

9# I never lie.


...What Else?

(add new white lies to the list)

Feb 8, 2012 11:49 PM
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Hahahaha....... "I'm ready in 5 minutes" and "do whatever you want, I don't mind" is about me!!)))))))))))))) When I say these words I mean always opposite<img title="Smile" src="" alt="Smile" border="0" />

February 10, 2012



February 10, 2012

Oh you know I love you.

You look gorgeous! (Said to people... )

They're idiots. You're absolutely right about this.

You're the most brilliant guy in this team. But I'm sorry we have to let you go.

February 10, 2012

Ow, I hope that 'I'm fine thanks' becomes your truth one day. It's about what you feed your mind, what you decided you wanted to take in and accept (such as thoughts). It's about what you make yourself involved in. Knowing about the wrong in the world should make you stronger,--- not weak, scared and unreliable. We are all responsible over one another, we all influence one another---don't let those negative influences make you lie when you say 'I'm fine thanks'---let's get stronger and more involved in helping the bad revert to good, etc... As for me, when Allah I realize is my main focus I start to wise up and cheer up. Inshaallah You can do it, ee

February 10, 2012

7# Do whatever you want, i don't mind...

This is the lie I eventually tell to my sister, after I tell her what she is doing may result in certian consequences, she does it anyway and so

 I say : " Do whatever you want, i don't mind..." ---But I actually care and do mind it a lot.

Other lies, it's sad to know that there are so many other ones....

Lying is a kids game. I have forgotten many lies, because we grow up and learn better, learn to take responsibility. We should know the common right from the common wrong. We should learn and know how to defend ourselves, not lie about anything.

February 10, 2012
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