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English Riddles

1. Q: Why does a cat look first to one side and then to the other side when it enters a room?

   A: Because it can't see both sides at once.


2. Q: Can you name the captital of every state in the U.S. in ten seconds?

   A: Washinton,D.C.!


3. Q: Which travels faster, heat or cold?


   A: Heat, because we can catch cold, but can't catch heat!


4. Q: Two fathers and two sons went hunting. They shot three rabbits. Yet each took home one rabbit. how was that possible?


   A: There were only three people hunting: a boy, his father, and his grandfather. The boy's father, of course, was the son of the grandfather.


5. Q: What fruit is never found singly?

   A: A pear.

  pear 梨,音似pair一对

6. Q: Why is the bride unhappy on her wedding day?

   A: Because she didn't marry the best man.

bride新娘bridegroom新郎best man男傧相;最好的男人bridesmaid女傧相


7. Q: What will you break once you say it?

   A: Silence.

  break the silence打破沉默


8. Q: What kind of clothes lasts the longest?

   A: Underwear, because it's never worn out.

   worn out穿坏,磨损;穿在外面

9. Q: Why are farmers cruel?

   A: They pull corns by the ears.


   pull corns by the ears一穗一穗地掰玉米;揪着玉米耳朵掰玉米

10. Q: Why are babies like hinges?

    A: Because they are things to adore.

  adore喜爱,音似a door

  things to a door门上的东西

11. Q: If a driver drives too fast he'll get a ticket. What will happen to a poet if he writes too fast?

    A: His poetic licence will be taken away.

poetic licence 诗的破格(如不遵从语法规则等)

12. Q: Why is an empty purse always the same?

    A: There is no change in it.

change 零钱;变化

13. Q: Why do little birds in the nest agree with each other?

    A: Because they would fall out if they didn't.

fall out 摔出去;争吵

14. Q: Why is an argument like a pen?

    A: No good without a point.
point 尖,顶端;论点,要点

15. Q: When will the wind improve its image?

    A: When it turns over a new leaf.

turn over a new leaf的真正涵义是:改过自新

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