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holy Koran ^^

really i see in front my eyes koran is one of the holy book ^^ that God sent for all people and it will help all people without any differences between religion because we are all the sons and doughters of "eva " and " adam " so this Koran can make people better for many many diseases such as " cancer on ^^ so search about "mala ali kalak " he is one of the teacher Koran  ^^ when he will read this holy Koran he can make many people better about many diseases ^^ i saw that infront my eyes  he is looks like a doctor and also he always want to help poor people ^^ that is truth i said if i didn't tell the truth really God will make me to be deaf and blind ^^

Feb 17, 2012 11:21 AM
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and also " i don't know about that one u said buti know about "mala ali kalak " but not this personu said ,ad also because mala ali kalak like him ^^

March 10, 2012

but that one i want he is "mala ali kalak " not that one u said ^.^ 

March 10, 2012

who is the author ,, i found one ( healing by quran ""in arabic"" ) written by (  DR/ ali bin ghazy al twegry  ) idk if its the one you want if so i will try to find english version , if not do you know the name of the author ?? or you want any book about healing by quran ?? ,, and also will you be able to read the verses or you cant read in arabic cause it must be read in arabic only ,, you may use the ruqya shareiya for curing in all cases ,, you may use audio ruqya verses if you are not able to read by yourself  ,, and there are some other books also about healing by the medicine of the prophet muhammad pbuh


March 10, 2012

"shifay holly  Koran "shifa or treatment by holly books and information of prophets "

it is the name but i must to find by English 

March 10, 2012

what book ??? its name ??

March 9, 2012
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