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dO you FeeL FREE? Do you believe that are free or just go with the flow?
I don't know how exactly explain that what i mean (my english isn't too good for express that i want, in the way that i want...) But i'll try to put an example:    Imagine who, in this hot summer, do you like go naked or with underwear in your home. But you have to go out, to the street, where the sun is crushing and you feel more hot... So, you'll like it could be naked along the street... Why not?, you don't hurt to nobody...It's suppose that you are free to do it, if you want... But you don't do it.   Why?    Because you mind that the people think about you, the people that will look you go naked (or in underwear) along the street (anonymous people who shouldn't mind you that they think about you). aren't free to do what you want because you are alienated by society. 
Or worse:  you self- censorship.
...I don't know...  What do you think, You feel free?  (or, in other words: you will go naked along the street?)
Aug 15, 2008 4:07 PM
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yes I feel free i can do what i want .. i don't have to go naked outside..
August 19, 2008

i dont feel free.i feel priceless.

haha,are you talking about whether i've enough guts to do something the society or most people may disapprove of?well i say, let them all judge you. they're not your friends or family, why does it matter anyway..the opinions of strangers.i believe in me, i shall do anything my heart desires if it doesnt hurt anybody.ofcourse strutting about the street naked is not exactly what i have in'll be interesting to watch someone else do so. 

August 19, 2008
hahahahahahahha....wallah really funny....i prefer to be not free at all..if i should be to go out naked to be a free person ...
August 16, 2008
Social restrictions are fatal.The most offensive thing that these restrictions are man-made.In this , when you obey them,it is as if you worship people who established them.I do not mean that i wanna go naked in the streets,but i mean i do not follow any human being even if this annoys the society where i live.I just wanna enjoy the fact that i am a free human being not a slave to some idiot traditions and stupid restrictions.
August 16, 2008
Anyway, the example to go naked at the street  don't care. I said that like i could have said go to work in pyjama, whit a hat of bells, or disguised as a clown...  the important question is if you feel alienated by the society. If you go with the flow...
August 16, 2008
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