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English???Hi all there,can you tell me when you are/were acquainted with English?

And about me,when i was very young i didn't have any definition about it though i had heard my brother's first english words like"no no no" or "hi hi hi,Joo" or how he called me whenever i cried"Twinkle twinkle little crier"^_^...That is that,and english came into my life through a good memory about my brother even if now i understand that learning english goes with more goals in life.However,for me it's always a language game in the great game called LIFE!So i considered that we shouldn't complain whether the life is fair or not,we just need to live meaningfully & comfortablly and respect each of day coming...It's too enough to enjoy this life!

Dear,can you share your story,your own thoughts with me? Always ready to listen!^_^

Feb 18, 2012 9:52 AM