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Middle-Aged Men

My dad is now Middle-Aged. I'm almost his twenty year old daughter now. I live with a Middle-Aged man and it's a little difficult for me. Sometimes I see him on the computer looking up things, and sometimes I want to save a photo to a file on the computer and I see all his photos of women who are about twenty years old and older, and it makes me feel uncomfortable. Sometimes his voice is a weird pitch and I don't like it. My mom doesn't know how to handle it either so she goes out to her garden or watches TV programming, such as the news/asia squawk, etc.. Sometimes she acts like someone my age too, to get along with dad. My dad blasts his music, rap music, very loud throughout the house and it's embarrassing. He is on the hormonal pills now too and he's always angry of course and making silly purchases such as trucks, cds, etc..He is behaving like someone my age. My mom and I struggle living with him. He cusses and he doesn't have any manners. He dresses and acts badly, and I have little respect for a man like my dad. And I risk getting kicked out of the house by telling him about it. In life you have to confront your problems you're having with people. He hasn't come to the realization of his actions and he may never come to realize what kind of influence he is being.

So, what do you think of middle-aged men?


Feb 20, 2012 12:40 AM
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Thank you both for your comments. You hit the target ralph, my parents had me right out of school. I believe you're right about him. Thank you very much KOKO and ralph. Take care!

February 20, 2012

You have written a very honest and heart-wrenching account of your situation.  Do you know all of our lives are unique - and we are not always able to do what we want at the time we want.  Sometimes we need to put our own needs on hold for the sake of others.  And I think for some parents, especially those who had children almost when they we only finished school they did not have time to enjoy their youth.  

So maybe the fact that you are showing yourself to becoming more independant maybe allows your father to indulge a bit in the life that he missed when it was necessary for him to concentrate on being a man rather than a teenager?  What do you think?  Will you also indulge him a little in this since he certainly allows you the same luxury of being a teenager?

But I also very much like KOKO's idea of replacing his 'womens' pictures with those of you and your mother.  This is better than saying anything at all :))))

February 20, 2012

I'm almost in middle of age like your father. I understand what you feel especially when you found the picture of women becouase I used to be a young doughter of my father. haha

How about change all his pics into yours when you were small kid or your mother's pic.? He diffinitely notice that  and it might be good way of warning him to recognize that every family member can see his pics he collected.

I don't htink you should try to understand about him because you and your father are much difference, age, gender and prsonarity...etc 

If you think you are getting tough time. Just try to think this way "he is a perosn who bring money to live for yours" but I believe you will be able to understand about your father when you get old.

I'm not sure but there is a word "mid crisis". It is possible that your father is also straggling with his age.


February 20, 2012