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My opinion about COMPARATION...GOOD or BAD?

Okay,i've read some opinions of others about comparation...You feel hurtful because they're compared with the better than yourself(~.~)Or you feel proud to be better than others!!!???

And for me,hahaha(*^_^*)[suddenly i feel funny now,sorry^.^]i used to be in both of that moods!Honestly,in everything and every problems of us to live well(or not)...GOOD or BAD-They depens on your views and how you choose to be or to face with them.Agree that we all feel so sad to be compared with the better...then you have 2 ways:one is to lack of confidence and feel boring with yourself'cause they're true that you're so bad,and then you give up,run away the reality&yourself...so on.The second choice:yes,it's so sad also really bad,but...look back and ask yourself what you had done=>if you're wrong,let's accept that then consider it's your lesson to try more to corect and make it better than others(ps:Keep the faith in the good in you,moving on).Anyway,they're wrong about you...simplly,just smile and go on trying highest to do best with the confidence in you(^_^)...Because i just want to overcome myself and make "Myself" become my best friend instead of my enemy,keke^.^

What about you all,dear?Which way you choose now?

Feb 20, 2012 9:10 AM