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Holy Koran

really in Holy Koran describe the moon and if u read it by arabic about this 'ayat " it is 27 words  and 120 letter about this topic if we 120 divided by 27 it will be 4,44 

and also in the moon the oldest rock which is about 4,44 million years ago 

really Holy Koran it is looks like a Cod ^^ 

Feb 23, 2012 2:25 PM
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now i am talking about mars and deimos ^^ 

in surra in Koran "surat alahqaf ""al ahqaf means sand dunes " it means this surra give of a little information about mars and deinos ,the word of deimos in "ayat 30 " and this word it is the middle of this Ayat and also why deimos wrote in 30 ayat ?

it has a reason 

because deimos orbiting around mars and completed by 30;30 hours i mean for orbital period 

and also the word of " mars " in Koran wrote in 23 ayat and that is why ?

because this far from mars to sun it is about 23 multiply ten 10 seven km 

and it come from this ayat of the 7 word and and also if 30-23 =7 and the mars it is the seven word i  this ayat 23 and also the mass of mars 6.4185 times ten twenty three 

really it is full of information and it is not by accident 

February 25, 2012

but i think i made a mistake because this rock is 4,44 billion years ago 


February 25, 2012

my proof is hollly Koran ^^

February 25, 2012

I'm curious to know who measured the age of the moon and could precisely say in million years how old it is....

Since it's difficult to decide accurately the age of different things in years, I'm rather skeptic about this exact number.

What proofs do you have for it?

February 24, 2012

Koran is shifa for all diseses ^^

February 24, 2012
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