Anyone! Can you suggest a chinese songs?? Preferably popular songs :D 谢谢
Feb 23, 2012 11:56 PM
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March 16, 2012

This is the best Chinese song I've ever heard, it made mre cry, It even has Pinyin and Chinese Characters... Get a kleenex and enjoy...

Guang Liang - Tong Hua MV (with PinYin Transliterated Lyrics)

March 12, 2012

我相信  wo xiang xin  杨培安 yang pei an

March 8, 2012

i like rock and roll !!!

so i would recommend a chinese rock song  to you ~ 

<公路之歌> by 痛苦的信仰

<Song of highway> 

Hope you like the song!

March 7, 2012
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