Is there any website where I can type a text in thai and listening how it sounds?

I've tried Google Translate but I think it doesn't work very well because when I type กๅ it doesn't say it correctly...

I've just started "Thai for Beginners" by Benjawan Poomsam Becker but I don't know if my pronunciation is right when I'm doing reading exercises.

Can anyone help me?


Feb 25, 2012 5:20 AM
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April 27, 2016

First, I'll point out that this thread is 6 years old. Second, I agree with Suchittra Chandet, is not only a good dictionary in general, but also has good recordings for many words. Third, today, unlike when the thread was started, Google Translate is pretty accurate for Thai pronunciation. I wouldn't worry about ๅ; you will rarely if ever see it as it's obsolete. Fourth, while Thai2English may be a good mobile app, I've found the bulk lookup function in to be a better reading tool for my laptop.


For more free Thai resources, see this list: ;

May 2, 2016

กๅ is not a thai word so google translate is confused.  its the same as if you asked it to pronounce a nonsense word like "guh" in english. It could be pronounced in many different ways.

I have recorded 69,000 thai sentences (yes I'm not kidding) on google translate and if find about once in every 300 sentences google makes a mistake. So if there are 5 words in a sentence that's one mistake every 1,500 words.  Probably much better than a fluent native speaker!

note: You need to insert commas between words or phrases if you want google translate to pause, albeit briefly.  

I find googles thai voice very accurate,it just lacks the rhythm and cadence of natural speech. so i listen to you tube etc to get that. On the plus side it doesn't stutter and mumble and change speed like humans so it is great for learners.

you are only beginning so you are focused on pronouncing all the syllables whether or not they are a word. that will only be for a month or two - after that you will be dealing 100% actual words.

There is no site I know of that will pronounce กๅ.

The best investment i made was $40 to buy the Thai2English software. It has been my mainstay for 3 years.  You can use it online for free

ps i don't get paid by Google or T2E to plug them !

good luck

May 2, 2016
April 27, 2016

It is not a good idea to start learning a language without audio support. I learnt German from a book and was confused about the pronunciation. 

You can search for "thai pronunciation dictionary" in the Internet. I found a few links.

May 30, 2014
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