What about you?! What’s name of your biggest national holiday?

Nowrooz is the biggest ancient holiday that has remained from the period of oneofthe most famousPersian kings (Jamshid). This holiday is like Christmas for Christians’ people because it is beginning of New Year. Simultaneously you begin your New Year with changing nature, I think this is as good as it gets! What do you think?

Our changing time of year altered every year. Because exact time of spring start is changeable and sometimes we should awake in the midnight for celebrating and for saying welcome to spring and say goodbye & escort winter!

For this magnificentevent we have some traditions like these:

With becoming beauty season they clean all house whit helping all family members & buy new extenders…

They sort” 7 sin table”. In this table they pick 7 things that their names starts with /s/ sound in Persian language. These things contain: small grass that usually they grow it themselves, coin for blessing New Year, Sea-buckthorn, vinegar, poison, apple (is health symbol), garlic. They put fish bowl and Quran (holy book of Islamic people) and several painted eggs for beauty. They spend time for designing this table. They come together and pray and everybody says her/him dreams and asks God for them …. Nowrooz has 13 days that people go to each other’s house and give some gifts for showing love. At least on 13<sup>th</sup> day of Nowrooz (it is called Nature day), they go out and use nature for spending  time and have entertainments like swinging , soccer and so on…. Every Iranian has unforgettable memories like memorable pictures in family album from these days.

Yes friend! We LOVE our traditions such as every nation. We become glad and sad together; we celebrate together and cry or smile together!

Now this holiday is near and IRANIAN people are readying for it, u can participate in our happiness ;)  

Feb 25, 2012 8:36 PM
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