Would anyone be able to translate something for me its real important THANKS

-Sis,ganda ng mga anak mo.musta n?

-Ok lang naman kaw musta na? Kala ko apply ka sa canada?

-ok lng Sis..Naudlot apply q nun..d2 uli aq Hk.Kelan vac nyo Pnas?db daan kau dto?

Feb 29, 2012 10:30 PM
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Lets say person (A) is talking to person (B)...Here it goes:


(A) Hi Sister (callname for FEMALE family,friends,colleagues etc), your children are beautiful,how are you?

(B) I am okay,how about you? I thought you are applying in Canada?

(...mostly of these terms are used when asking about JOB applications...Especially that I analized this message...the person refers about JOB)

(A) I am fine as well, sister ( She answered her first question "how about you?" or how are you? )...My application was cancelled or NOT persuaded.( For any reasons,we are not sure...).I am still (or staying) in HongKong.When are you going to have vacation in Philippines?Aren't you going to have a stop over here (in HongKong)?

April 12, 2012

-hi sister, you have beautiful children, how are you?

-Im ok, how about you? I thought you're gonna apply to canada?

( i dont really know what they meant by this, it could mean, the person she's talking about  is applying for  a job in canada or applying for canadian citizeship, it was not specified on the message.)


- that's ok, sister, I stopped my application, Im still here in hongkong. when are you gonna coming back to philipines for  a vacation? and youre gonna have your stop here in hongkong, right?



hope this helps.

March 1, 2012
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