How to use 怎么也 and 怎么也不.

Hello! please if someone could give two sentences about  怎么也  and  怎么也不 .

I also wanna know their use; how, when, where to use them and their meaning please!


Mar 1, 2012 11:05 PM
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actually 怎么也 like 怎么, is an interrogative tone, and complaining tone,,

like 我怎么也没有想到为什么。means " i have no idea with that and iits spend me lot of time".a kind of like that meaning..


怎么也不 like complaining tone or tone of emphasis..

e.g. i wouldl hang out with friend at 11 am,but when i wake up is already 12 pm, so i may complain my friend "why dont u call me to wake me up"

"why dont u call me to wake me up." this sentence in there like chinese 你怎么也不叫醒我, is kind like the complaining tone... 


i hope that will help u ^^

March 2, 2012

怎么也  how could u be  that????

怎么也不 it means not


March 2, 2012


首先,“怎么也”---怎么也想不通---IT means 实在是想不通, 怎么怎么都想不通








March 1, 2012
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