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久石 让 Joe Hisaishi(Janpanese) his piano music is very nice....
i have only one CD~<ENCORE>
 in 2007, my birthday, my friend give it for my birthday present..hehe
        01、Summer (映画『菊次郎の夏』)
  02、Hatsukoi (映画『はつ恋』)
  03、One Summer's Day (映画『千と千寻の神隠し』)
  04、The Sixth Station (映画『千と千寻の神隠し』)
  05、Labylinth Of Eden (地上の楽园)
  06、Ballade (映画『Brother』)
  07、Silencio D E Parc Guell (I Am)
  08、HANA-BI (映画『HANA-BI』)
  09、Ashitaka And San (映画 『もののけ姫』)
  10、La Pioggia (映画『时雨の记』)
  11、Friends (Piano StoriesII) 

wish you like this~
Aug 16, 2008 2:19 PM
Comments · 2
ah..the nice music~
August 20, 2008
Good present,isn't it.

I like "Oriental Wind"
August 20, 2008
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