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THE LEGEND OF FLOWERS_The first story is about "Daisy"-symbol of courage,triumph and filial piety.

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This is the legend of DAISY's origin...

"One upon a time,there was a poor family with a little girl and her old mother.Though their life was so difficult but they were very happy because of their rich love.Day by day,the mother worked hard to take care of her daughter,besides the little girl knew how to help her mom in every business as long as she could do.

One day,suddenly the mother had a strange disease...Many doctors tried their best to cure of her disease,but no one could guess what it was.She was weaker and weaker,this made her daughter very worried and scared...The little girl didn't know anything to help but just crying next to her mother's bed.At that time,there was a Fairy appearing unexpectedly beside them.She ask:"Do you want to help your mother?"-"Yes,please tell me how to do,i'm so grateful please!".The Fairy said:"To cure your mother,you have to pass many high mountains,deep rivers with many dangers.Untill you see a garden full of weird trees,but there's only one flower having white petals...How many petals is how many days of the rest of your mother's life".After a long time,the little girl arrived at the garden also found that flower...she was happy and began to count the number of petals"1,2,3,4...98,99,100.Oh,no!My mom just can continue living in coming 100 days!?"-she screamed.Then she split each of petals into many smaller petals and brought it  back to home at once.Fortunately,the mother was saved by that herb flower...Because of the endless love,courage and filial piety of her little daughter,she could live very long,happy ever after".

And then,there's a small wild plant with many white petals flowers appeared till nowaday named "Daisy" which is not only a flower but also a valuable herb in oriental medicine.

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Very enchanting story..........

March 7, 2012