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<em>One night,i could watch a live show of an animal circus near my house,it was very excited and wonderful.After the show had finished,i went behind the stage of the circus to see directly many lovely animals there.</em>

<em>I saw an elephant bound by just a marline...Apparently,the elephant was very strong,healthy enough to escape from this circus easily everytime.</em>

<em>However ,it'seemed it just knew to suffer and didn't have any effort for that.Why did a big elephant,which can lift up hundreds of kilograms by its trunk,accept the bound and just know to wait for time passing little by little?Why?...unless it want that ???</em>

<em>I asked the animal trainer,he explained:"When it was still a little elephant and began to take part in the circus,it was very weak!At that time,this elephant was bound by a big iron chain to keep it from fleeing.After a long time trying to escape but despairing,it gave up intention.From then there was a deep impression in its head ''I can't escape from here,i can't do it...''</em>

<em>It was the impression that made its mental strength weaker and weaker day by day.And thus the little elephant didn't hope or try to flee anymore for its freedom.</em>

<em>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AND I SEE THAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~</em>

<em>In our life,there are some people who are like the little elephant in the circus.There's an inner voice like whispering and echoing on their mind that "You can't do it.You will never reach it...".When they get failures...their faith is shaking,which will end all the efforts before.Maybe they have dreams,but what bad always want to pull them back...</em>

<em>Today you should give up every thoughts limiting yourself...blow your mind...get to keep your head up and keep moving on...</em>


<em>P/s:One person said "Confidence doesn't mean surely you'll succeed,but without confidence failure is inevitable".</em>


Mar 9, 2012 4:38 PM
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<em>I have found that there're some similarities between confidence and self-esteem.</em>

<em>You were born extremely confident.You came into this world knowing how wonderful you are.You were so perfect when you were a tiny baby.You didn't have to do anything and you acted as if you were aware of that.You knew you were the center of the whole world around you.You weren't afraid to ask for what you wanted.You freely expressed your emotions.Your mother knew when you were angry^-^;in fact,the entire neighborhood knew it.And when you were happy,your smile lit up the whole room:)You were so full of love and confidence...It's when we were a little baby.Babies also love every inch of their body,they have no guilt,no shame,no comparisons.They know they're unique and wonderful.</em>

<em>You were like that.So,i want to bring you back to the time when you really knew how to love yourself by looking,talking to you yourself in front of the mirror-how do you choose to be?. </em>  

March 16, 2012

Ha...nice to see you again:)Chinh xac,tu tin khong chac se thanh cong 100% nhung neu khong tu tin thi that bai la tat yeu-va...bi loai khoi vong gui xe ngay^-^Co len!

Wish you all the best...eat well,sleep well,study well,do well...and be confident to keep moving on:):):)

(p/s:A ma quen mat,khong thay ban hoat dong nhom gi ca...cac thanh vien khac cung rat luoi post them chu de moi(^_^)

March 11, 2012

like ur writing.

i make me remember the similar story. Actually,  as you said, we must have confidence to solve the issues. Like idiom: "the fail is mother of success"

March 11, 2012