Right and Wrong Are Key Words

If we regard someone's behaviour as morally acceptable or vise versa - immoral, we use the word right and wrong; we make judgement. Why do we need this?

 Don't we know that any judgement limits the view? What really matters is what stands behind the judgement - motivations, context, etc - all that allows us to see things as they are.When we see the picture as full as possible,including ourselves there, we approach closer the truth.

The truth itself needs no judgement, it is beyond our concept of good and bad. But we, ordinary people, are not able to to keep the whole picture in the mind and function at the same time, otherwise we would have gone mad and couldn't have existed.

 We try to see things as they are on one hand and reject something deliberatery or unconsciously on other hand in order to survive physically and mentally or just in order to feel happy or perform successfully. The mind hungers for judgements (limits) like a drowing man catches at a straw in a hope to stand upon a firm ground. Having personal judgements makes us feel confident and comfortable no matter how close they are to the truth. I shouldn't wonder if the words right and wrong are in all languages because they frame a key concept for people. 

Mar 12, 2012 4:28 PM
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