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Questions: Planing to go to Korea? Post questions and I'll try to get you answers.

Dear itallkers,

Please enter anything you want to know about Korea. 

I'm try to get natives, visitors, students, etc. to join so I can give you the best answers.

Please be patient. 

Thanks (n_n)

Mar 12, 2012 6:59 PM
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(7)Finally, Is it true that visitors, in order to visit Korea, should send a letter to the president? * Dear...NOPE! Unless you are a government official which requires courtesy call then why not?! If you are having tourist visa...As long as you have provided and completed the needed requirements and documents asked by the Korean Embassy...Then,no problem. My husband and I invited my father and cousin by next month...they will use VISIT VISA...as they are a part of my family we provided them INVITATIONS and our marriage census from Korea.The rest went well...Soon,they will be here...

I hope I helped you somehow...Keep safe!

April 12, 2012

(...continuation 2)


(5)There are buses in there right?... *Yes dear.It depends on where you would go...The transportation in Korea is admirable. I am a foreigner and when I have first seen it...I am like " WOW!". The buses and trains are very high tech that you won't get lost at all.The taxis even have translators in case you need it.Cars also have navigators...in HIGH PRECISION (so as the mobile phones).

(6)Let's go to the food...* Again dear...It depends on where you wish to eat and buy food.Prices varies on the location (ex. Restaurants,Bars,Market etc).One thing for sure...most of their food goes with REASONABLE prices.


(...to be continued for the last time...hehe)

April 12, 2012



(1)Is there an Iglesia Ni Cristo? *Yes...If I am not mistaken about TWO congregations located in Seoul.

(2)What are the malls or stores that you can recommend? * Honestly...A LOT! Almost all stores or shopping malls are very interesting. Just get budget wise...Even huge hospitals have malls on the first floor or basement.lol.

(3)What are some 'must visit' great places? * Too many to mention...If we will have time to talk...I can PM you.

(4)About shopping...? The prices range from about 5000 Korean won to the most expensive you can ever imagine based on the BRAND.Honestly,they love the brands...hehe.


(...to be continued again...weew)

April 12, 2012

Hello there...I just signed up to this site only a few hours ago.I am glad to see many people who are very active posting messages,comments and sharing and helping each other aside from their differences. By the way,I am MJ...a Filipina (Philippines) but currently living in South Korea because my husband is a Korean.


I am already here in Korea for about 5 months now. I experienced the last sight of Autumn and the freezing but amazing view of snow in Winter. Nowadays,It is Spring...before it started,it was so cold here in Seoul.Now,flowers are all over...Awesome view!


Regarding the question of @koreannovice...I will try my best to answer you with the best of my knowledge and also with what I experienced myself.


(..to be continued)

April 12, 2012

☺There are buses in there right? How much do you pay? How much do you pay per kilometer? Are the buses there got some scedule? 

☺Let's go to the food. How much are the foods in there? What is the cheapest food you can buy? How much are kimchis, bulgugi, etc? In a restaurant, how much do you normally spent?

☺Finally, Is it true that visitors, in order to visit Korea, should send a letter to the president? And in order to send a letter to the president, visiors should have a korean friend in order to have that letter sent? (Actually, I have really no idea about this, I think this is just a joke but still I want to know the fact about this. It's my friend, who is also planning to go to korea, who tell me about this letter thing.)




I have still a lot of questions in my mind, but I'll post them once I remember them. ^^

Hope you can reply chingus. 


March 14, 2012
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