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What do you want from Korea?

Hello friends,

I was wondering what you expect to gain from going to

Korea, or what you want to gain in going to Korea.


As for me:

I expect: A new experience. A better education. Great food.

I want: Enjoy life. Meet new people. Be more vain. Dress well everyday, unlike here, I'm almost 100% overdressed compared to friends & peers. See more beautiful things. Express my intellegence openly.


What about you?

Mar 13, 2012 6:21 PM
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What I want in Korea?

I want to experience thier lifestyle. I want to try everything in there. 

Once I have money and I can finally go to Korea, I am planning to stay there for at least 3 months to 18 months(1 and a half year).

I want to experience the 4 seasons in there. 

I have lots to do in Korea once I get to go there.

I'm getting more excited while writing this. ^_^


March 14, 2012