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Who hates Philippines?

May nabasa ako noon na isang "<em>blog"</em> tungkol sa Pilipinas na gawa ng isang Amerikano na nakatira sa Davao. Marami raw siyang mga kababayan doon. Minsan nang pumunta sila ng kanyang asawang Pilipina sa palengke ay may nakasalubong siyang isa pang puti, Amerikano rin. Ang sabi nito sa kanya,"Ayaw ko sa Pilipinas." Tinanong niya kung bakit ayaw nito sa naturang bansa. At ang sagot naman nito ay ganito," Ayaw ko sa Pilipinas dahil puno ito ng mga Pilipino."


Ikaw? Anong iyong masasabi sa Pilipinas? 


<em>I have once read a blog about Philippines made by an American living in Davao. There are  many Americans living there,too, he said. One day when he went to the wet market together with his Filipino wife, he met another white. Another American. The man told him," I hate Philippines." So he asked him why and the man answered," I hate Philippines because it's full of Filipinos."</em>


<em>How about you? What can you say about Philippines?</em>

Mar 14, 2012 9:59 AM
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Schrödinger's Cat

By the way, I am starting to agree with the American who said he hates Philippines because of the Philippines. I've been observing Filipinos lately. Hahaha. Though I am sad about the bad connotation about Filipinas. I think a lot of people are doing generalizations, hearing the word Filipina means a cheap girl. It's not the case anyway.


I know this discussion is been a long time, but I can't help myself not to ask and give some words ^^..

You're starting to agree to the person who hate the Philippines? Because of the Philippines? I don't get it :(( You live here right? (Philippines). It's not that bad (about the connotation). 

There is nothing wrong with the Filipinas or the Philippines. You should be proud of your country and your origins.
A lot of men think the same way about other countries, what they don't know is these women have pride and they look for the same things other women want. A family and respect.

And we can't force some to change their judgement toward us..


April 1, 2013

Well good and bad peoples are a part of every society so thats not fair to say if people belonging from any particular country are bad.I think we shouldn't think in this way.

June 2, 2013

I know one solution. Let's stop hating. How? Let's look at the good things life can offer and not its imperfections. Can we?

June 2, 2013

I really hate this topic...I am disgusted by Filipino women wanting to have a white husband all the time just to get around financially....Thats not love...it is more of a shady business. What a selfish couple... Hearing from other people who are not Pilipino citizens they are complaining bout pollution in Metro Manila. I have never been in Pinas yet......the tourists I hear are also complaining bout the food, don't know how to eat anything...I have zero tolerance or sympathy for American tourists bashing everything in PH.

June 2, 2013

hahaha what a a reason I hate Philippines because its full of filipinos alangan naman full of American .. Well I like Philippine because its full of Filipinos.

May 27, 2013
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